The Cocksure Lads arrive in Toronto on the morning of their first North American tour. They head to the venue, get into a fistfight and breakup within 10 minutes. The four Lads scatter and spend the rest of the day wandering around town getting into misadventures – drinking, fighting, meeting women, taking baths, getting thrown out of pubs, having sex and falling in love. Through the course of these misadventure they discover what it means to be a band. But can they patch things up before the big show?

Production Info

Genre: Musical Comedy

Release Year: 2015

Development Stage: CDN Theatrical Release

Distribution: A71 (Canadian Rights)


Production team

Writer/Director: Murray Foster

Producer: Darren Portelli

Co-Producer: Murray Foster

Exec Producers: Tamara Doerksen, Avi Federgreen, David Miller, Andre Bharti

Associate Producer: Mary Krause

Official Website: The Cocksure Lads Movie


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