THE LAST BANG explores a loving but tumultuous relationship between a grandson and his grandfather. Grandfather Max Solomon (Gemini award winner Bernard Behrens), asks his grandson, Benjamin Pinter (Russell Bennett), to take him to an escort agency just once before he dies. After a feeble attempt at offering an alternative to his grandfather’s wish, Benjamin is left neurotic and morally conflicted.

Production Info

Genre: Comedy

Release Year: 2006

Development Stage: CDN Theatrical Release

Distribution:  Ouat Media


Production team

Writer/Director: Emmanuel Shirinian

Producer: Darren Portelli

Distributor: Ouat Media


awards & Nominations

  • 2006 // World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival
  • 2006 // US Premiere at American Film Institute Dallas
  • 2007 // Won Gold Remi (Best Original Comedy) at Houston WorldFest
  • 2007 // Won Best Short Film at Pomegranate International Film Festival
  • 2007 // Broadcast on CBC Reflections (TV Premiere)