Thirty-three years after the war, ex-pilot, Oliver, hasn’t flown since. It is 1977, and after a failed suicide attempt, he decides to confront his demons, returning to a small village on a Maltese Island. Along Oliver’s journey, his WWII back story is interwoven, revealing Oliver as a young and eager Luftwaffe pilot falling in love with the enemy – a beautiful Maltese girl named Antonia. Their love deepens and as the danger heightens, the young lovers tenacity almost defies the odds before Oliver is forced to drop a bomb over Antonia’s village church, killing his true love. It is thirty-three years later, and upon returning to Antonia’s village, Oliver learns that within this horrific tragedy lies a miracle.

Production Info

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Year: 2015 Shoot/2016 Release

Development Stage: Treatment to First Draft


Production team

Writer/Director: Valerie Buhagiar

Producer: Darren Portelli

Exec Producers: Anna Stratton (Triptych Media Inc.)

  • Supported by Harold Greenberg Fund
  • Selected by WIFT Development Incubator 2012 Program