MY FOOLISH HEART is a romantic comedy about a 25-year-old tenor saxophone player named BEN SOLOMON. Down on his luck, Ben calls on his grandfather, MAX SOLOMON to see if he can live in his apartment until he gets his career on track. The two men instantly reconnect, but their differences are strikingly obvious. Ben is uptight and neurotic and Max is a smooth talking charmer who always closes the party, even the ones he’s not invited to. As the two men struggle to find their autonomy, Ben discovers his musical hero, SHERMAN ROTH, is in town performing for one night. During a chance encounter with Sherman and his challenging adventures with Max, Ben’s romanticized notion of the world shatters and he quickly learns a harsh lesson on the perils of worshiping your idols and what it truly means to be a hero.

Production Info

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Year: 2017

Development Stage: In production

Distribution: A71 (Canadian Rights)


Production team

Writer/Director: Emmanuel Shirinian

Producer: Darren Portelli, David Miller