IT WAS YOU CHARLIE is a dark comedy-drama about a suicidal doorman named ABNER, who blames himself for the death of a woman who died in a car crash he survived. One year has passed since the accident, and Abner’s life has come to a halt. He spends lonely nights working the graveyard shift, and haunting days trying to take his own life. After meeting ZOE, a free spirited young taxi driver who helps him look at his present life with a new light, Abner finally begins a quest for redemption, and attempts to reconcile his conflicted past.

Production Info

Genre: Dark Comedy

Release Year: 2014

Development Stage: CDN Theatrical Release

Distribution: A71 (Canadian Rights)


Production team

Writer/Director: Emmanuel Shirinian

Producer: Darren Portelli

Co-Producer: Emmanuel Shirinian

Exec Producers: David Miller (A71 Productions) & Michael Dragnea

Official Website: It Was You Charlie


awards & Nominations

  • 2015 CSA Award Nomination (Best Cinematography)
  • 2014 Barcelona International Film Festival (Special Jury Prize Winner)
  • 2014 Actra Award Nomination (Best Actor – Michael D. Cohen)