DO NOT BEND is a comedic short film set in the suburbs that explores rigid belief systems… and conversely, the art of compromise. Newlyweds Catye (Anna Silk) and Jason (Joshua Peace) have it all: looks, excellent jobs, and a great big mortgage they can handle no sweat. There’s only one hitch—they haven’t consummated their marriage. Do Not Bend is the story of what happens when two people try to replace reality with a fantasy that is the opposite of their wildest dreams.

Production Info

Genre: Comedy

Release Year: 2007

Development Stage: CDN Theatrical Release

Distribution: Ouat Media (World Rights)


Production team

Writer: Judith Klassen

Director: Murray Foster

Producer: Pierre Bonhomme

Co-Producer: Kerry Young

Exec Producers: Jennifer Hollyer

Distributor: Ouat Media



awards & Nominations

  • Broadcast on Bravo!FACT