ALGONQUIN is the story of Jake, an unhappy school teacher whose childhood scars are not merely skin deep. Jake’s life is upended when his shifty, rogue of a father, Leif – an absentee parent and man whose best days as a travel writer are well past him – insists that Jake help him with his next project, a book about Algonquin Park. Agreeing to the arrangement, both arrive at the long-neglected family cabin in the woods, a tranquil backdrop to their fractious relationship. But bickering and bad feelings are soon cut short by an unexpected tragedy.

Production Info

Genre: Dramatic Comedy

Release Year: 2014

Development Stage: CDN Theatrical Release

Distribution: A71 (Canadian Rights)


Production team

Writer/Director: Jonathan Hayes

Producer(s): Darren Portelli, Jane Motz Hayes

Exec Producers: Tamara Doerksen, Avi Federgreen, David Miller, Andre Bharti

Associate Producer: Mary Krause


awards & Nominations

  • 2014 Houston Worldfest (Grand Jury Prize Winner)